Fermostock 5611 Shelving

Fermostock 5611 Shelving

Fermostock 5611 Shelving

Fermostock 5611 is designed for use in all applications where hygiene is paramount. This one-man / tool free assembly system consists of an anodised aluminium frame which quickly interlocks together to produce a sturdy and secure shelving unit.

Optimum storage space is returned from minimum floor spaces by linking bays together to form extended runs and corners.

The dishwasher safe removable inserts allow operators to clear up small spillages and deep cleaning. Its simple modular design enables thorough cleaning and sanitation making it ideal for HACCP cleaning schedules.


• Suitable for operation down to –30°C
• Complies with NF and NSF hygiene requirements
• Quick and easy tool free installation
• Adjustable shelf positions – 10 preset positions at every 150mm
• Adjustable feet for levelling on uneven floors


Product Part Number

(Fermostock 5611) - Fermostock 5611 Shelving

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