Fermostock 6611/6811 Shelving

Fermostock 6611/6811 Shelving

Fermostock 6611/6811 Shelving

Fermostock 6611 and 6811 are versatile and highly flexible with a choice of 30 unit sizes to choose from.

Up to ten levels at 150 mm centres can be fitted to the standard height unit. Adjustment of levels after construction is quick and simple with only the designated shelf needing to be unloaded.

Combining both types of insert offers a cost effective alternative where both general and heavy duty loads are stored. Add on to adjacent bays to increase storage space, level positions may be adjusted at any time to permit storing of non standard items.

The facility of combining each of the three shelf depths together along with the choice of ten bay lengths is the solution to any storage problem.


Choose between;

• Fermostock 6611 polymer shelf inserts
• Fermostock 6811 anodised aluminium shelf inserts
• Or combine both types to store light and heavy-duty items


Product Part Number

(Fermostock 6611/6811) - Fermostock 6611/6811 Shelving

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