Glasswash Renovate

Glasswash Renovate

Glasswash Renovate

Glass renovation is an important part of your glasswashing procedures. Is the head and lace of your beer and lager presentation not as it should be?

Does your glassware look as though it's lost its sparkle? Dirty glassware, accumulation of non rinsable films, incorrect use of detergents and rinse additives, problems with the glasswashing machine - All these issues can have an affect on your glassware. Then Renovate is the solution.


The most effective product for glass treatment and machine hygiene

• Removal of non rinsable films.
• Treatment of new glassware.
• Glasswash machine maintenance.
• Rejuvenating etched based glassware.


Product Part Number

(70446) - Glasswash Renovate 2.5kg
(70447) - Glasswash Renovate 5kg
(70445) - Glasswash Renovate 10kg

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