Sammic Glasswasher SL-21

Sammic Glasswasher SL-21

Sammic Glasswasher SL-21

The SL-21 is designed to wash glassware, cups, cutlery, saucers, etc. The SL-21 has a fix cycle timer and is constructed from AISI-304 2B stainless steel incorporating the highest quality components. Inside of machine has rounded finish, i.e. no sharp corners, which prevent the build-up of dirt.

The SL-21 has flush-mounted wash spray arms made of 25mm diameter stainless steel tube: increase in useful wash water volume and reduction of hydraulic circuit losses. This unit is easy-to-assemble, boltless rinse spray arms with a neat and simple look and includes automatic rinse aid and detergent dosing equipment as standard.

Additional features include watertight controls, boiler safety, adjustable thermostats and a post-wash button to cool the dish after hot rinsing.

Technical Specification

Basket Dimensions (mm) 400 x 400
Max Glass Height (mm) 240
Temperature - Washing55°C
Temperature - Rinsing0-90°C
Water Capacity - Wash Tank16ltrs
Water Capacity - Rinse Tank4.5ltrs
Hourly Output (Racks) 30
Cycle Time120secs
Wash Pump Power (W)240
Wash Tank Power (kW)1.5
Rinse Tank Power (kW)2.74
Total Power (kW)2.875
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 470 x 560 x 650
Weight (kg) 37

Default equipment

• Rinse aid dosing equipment
• 1 basket for glasses
• 1 mixed basket
• 1 small basket for cutlery

Optional equipment

• Version with built in water softener with 3 washing cycles and thermic stop option
• Version with drain pump and non-return valve
• Adjustable detergent dosing equipment
• Stand
• High feet kit 140-190mm


This machine has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the specifications laid down in European directives 89/392/EEC and 73/23/EEC.


Product Part Number

(SL-21) - Sammic Glasswasher

Please note as a result of continuous product improvements, these specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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