Maidaid Minirack Dishwasher R3000

Maidaid Minirack Dishwasher R3000

Maidaid Minirack Dishwasher R3000

The R3000 Minirack Dishwasher is designed to process between 50 to 130 racks per hour which is 900 to 2350 dishes per hour. This dishwasher has a digital temperature display and has a self drainging wash pump to reduce the possible build up of bacteria. The R3000 has been designed to make it easiler to clean and is has a low noise level for operator comfort.

Technical Specification - Excluding Dryer

Racks Per Hour50-100
Total Power (kW)16
Amps Required22A
Voltage415V and Neutral
Water Supply1.5 to 4 bar
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1150 x 770 x 1565

Optional equipment

• Minirack Dryer
• Minirack Steam Condenser
• Minirack Heat Recovery and Steam Condenser
• Potenial of 5kW energy saving with heat recovery unit


Product Part Number

(R3000) - Maidaid Minirack Dishwasher

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