Sammic Utensil Washer SU-600

Sammic Utensil Washer SU-600

Sammic Utensil Washer SU-600

The SU-600 untensil washer is a powerful high pressure washer specially designed for restaurants, ice-cream shops, pasteries and butcheries. This unit is ideal to wash large sized pots and wares. The SU-600 is constructed from stainless steel and the door is divided into two parts, perfectly counterbalanced making it easy to handle.

Technical Specification

Basket Dimensions (mm) 630 x 600
Useful Height (mm) 650
Temperature - Washing40-70°C
Temperature - Rinsing70-95°C
Bucket Capacity 60ltrs
Pressure Pot Capacity12ltrs
Hourly Output (Racks) 20 / 10 / 5
Cycle Time180 / 360 / 540secs
Pump Power (kW)2.2
Basin Power (kW)6.0
Pressure Pot Power (kW)6.0
Total Power (kW)8.2
Dimensions Width (mm) 742
Dimensions Depth open/closed (mm)1232 / 852
Dimensions Height open/closed (mm)2035 / 1840
Weight (kg) 168

Default equipment

• 1 stainless steel basket and insert for 4 trays

Optional equipment

• Kit Rinse aid dosing equipment
• Kit Adjustable detergent dosing equipment
• Stainless basket
• Stainless steel cone
• Stainless carrier for trays


This machine has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the specifications laid down in European directives 89/392/EEC and 73/23/EEC.


Product Part Number

(SU-600) - Sammic Utensil Washer

Please note as a result of continuous product improvements, these specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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